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Creamery Museum

A rare example of an intact creamery building from 1925 with key artifacts that illustrate the butter making process.

Sunrise Trail Museum

Come and discover the fascinating history of Tatamagouche. From the Mi'kmaq to Acadian French, to the English Soldiers.

Anna Swan Museum

Honouring the life of the famed giantess Anna Swan (1846-1888) who was born and raised in the Tatamagouche area on the North Shore of Nova Scotia.

Brule Fossils Museum

The discovery of fossilized footprints on a beach at Brule in 1994 has received recognition and support from the National Geographic Society.

THE CREAMERY MUSEUM is an industrial heritage site located along the former rail line (now a hiking, biking and snowmobile trail called THE BUTTER TRAIL) on riverfront property in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia.

It is a rare survival of an intact creamery building with key artifacts that illustrate the butter making process.

Local farmers supplied cream to the Creamery from 1925-1992, to produce the famous "Tatamagouche Butter". The Creamery Museum aims to preserve this unique local history of butter production and distribution through its artifact collection, photo gallery and audio/video presentations.

During your visit you will enjoy a brief presentation by a character named BOILER BOB.